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Herbal / Ayurvedic Products

platelet recovery capsules

vigour and vitality capsules

leukorrhea capsules

vigour and vitality capsules

leukorrhea capsules

capsule for prostatitis

stone capsule

joint pain capsule

liver capsule

natural calcium and analgecic for bone and joints

piles capsule

Moisturizing Cream

Immunity Drops

Herbal mouth paint

cough drops

Liver Drops

glycerin with rose & aloevera (50gm, 200gm & 500gm)

viginal wash

aloevera gel with neem & vitamin E

Herbal Malt

sex roll-on

herbal hair oil

joint pain oil

joint pain oil

anti acne cream

anti fungal cream

ointment for beautigying skin and removing marks

joint pain relieving gel

piles cream

constipation powder

leukorrhea syrup

blood purifier syrup

liver tonic with double strength

family tonic

liver tonic

platelets syrup

uterine tonic

family tonic

stone syrup

iron tonic

cough syrup (sugar free)

cough syrup

liver tonic

cough syrup

musli syrup

joint pain syrup

antacid syrup

digestive enzyme syrup

stone tablets

liver tablets

immunity tablets

anti dandruff shampoo

liver, enzyme, antacid & alkalizer syrup


pre & probiotic sachets

pre & probiotic capsules

multivitamins, multiminerals & antioxidants capsules

pediatric iron suppliment

vitamin d3 nano shots

drops for pediatricians to take care of flatuence in kids

vitamin d3 drops

multivitamins, multiminerals & zinc drops

pre & prebiotic dry syrup

glucose powders (100Gm, 250Gm, 500Gm, 1 Kg)

protein powder (vanila flavour)

protein powder (chocolate flavour)

constipation powder

for the foetal growth during pregnancy

pre & probiotic dry syrup

vitamin d3 sachet

pre & probiotic sachets

multivitamins, multiminerals & antioxidants syrup (200ml)

zinc gluconate syrup

vitamin b-complex with l-lysine syrup

lycopene with multivitamins & multiminerals suspension

digestive enzyme syrup

zinc supplement syrup for pediatric use

calcium and phosphorus supplement for pets

vitamin b-complex with l-lysine syrup

iron supplement

vitamin b-complex with l-lysine syrup

multivitamins, multiminerals & antioxidants syrup (100 ml)

glucosamine, msm,magnesium, boron,zinc & copper tablets

calcium carbonate, calcitriol & zinc sulphate tablets

vitamin c, e & zinc tablets

multivitamins, co-enzyme q10,lycopene, l-arginine with l-carnitine tablets

myo-inositol, l-methylfolate calcium & d-chiro-inositol tablets

calcium pantothenate tablets

multivitamins, co-enzyme q10, lycopene, l-arginine with l-carnitine tablets

ferrous ascorbate & folic acid tablets

Most Popular Combos

Antacid Combo Therapy

Leukorrhea Combo Therapy

Renal Stone Combo Therapy

Platelet Recovery Combo Therapy

Vet-Care Range

calcium & phosphorus liquid for pets

calcium & phosphorus tablets for pets

dry bath for pets

immunity spray for pets

pet shampoo

deodarizer & cleanser for pets

seralac for pets

iron, rich vitamins and mineral tonic

liver tonic for pets

mineral mixture (1kg, 5kg, 20kg)

digestive bolus

digestive bolus

calcium, phosphorus with vitamins liquid (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

chelated minerals & vitamins liquid (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

Chelated Minerals & Vitamins Liquid (1 Ltr, 5 Ltr)

antimony potassium tartarate for rumentoric disorders

calcium, phosphorus with vitamins liquid (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

conception improver liquid

vitamins for poultry and cattle

De-worming Bolus

multivitamins, Multiminerals & antioxidants bolus

Digestive Enzyme Syrup (500Ml, 1Ltr)

anti-diarrhoeal syrup

a unique formulation for mastitis management

growth promotor (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

Immunity syrup (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

gout syrup (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

immunity syrup (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

calcium lactate, calcium gluconate, magnesium & vitamin d3 solution (1 ltr, 5 ltr)

vitamins for poultry and cattle

Respiratory stimulant (Cough Syrup)

Anti-Viral Syrup